Who we are and what we’re (planning on) doing

Who are you?

Jen serves as a local outreach pastor and theology professor.  She’s happiest when she’s having meaningful conversations and seeing people come alive in ministry.  She’s passionate about developing leaders, helping people understand the Bible, and loving broken people.  Actually, she’s passionate in general.  Jen likes creative stuff–writing, lettering, painting, and creating meaning through art.

Cory is passionate about helping people discover who they are and what their next step of obedience is.  This passion has been lived out while running a men’s homeless shelter, working in Student Development and as a pastor. Currently he’s focusing on getting us to Mongolia and trying to keep our house under control. He is highly intuitive, a strategic thinker, a great listener, an even better question-asker, and he’s creative with a great eye for photography.

LeYanna’s job right now, is to be a 7 year old.  She’s pretty good at it. She goes to school, plays, and learns.  She is the most outgoing person in our family; she is also the biggest homebody (it’s an odd combination).  LeYanna loves to play with people, toys, and stuffed animals.  She enjoys art and having other people read to her.

(We’ll add our testimonies & call to Mongolia eventually and add the links here)

What are you going to do?

We are moving to Mongolia in July 2018 to develop the people, processes, and resources necessary for the local church to effectively multiply leaders and develop disciples who disciple.

We’ll do this through partnering with local leaders to develop a ministerial training process, to provide theological education, and to help the church develop and codify its structure.

Why Mongolia?

Until the early ’90’s Mongolia was administrated by Soviet Union.  When power returned to the Mongolian people, there were 4 known Christians in the country.  Now there are over 40,000.  Christianity is young in this country; the church has strong, committed leaders who are all first generation Christians.  This means that their parents didn’t read them Bible stories as children and none of them “grew up” in the church…because the church didn’t exist.   There is an incredible opportunity to invest in the Mongolian church but strengthening and encouraging her leaders and by introducing them to resources that aren’t currently available in their native language.