Things I Learned- July 2019

One of my favorite Authors, Emily P. Freeman, posts quarterly about what’s she’s learned. I thought it’d be fun to share (some of) what I’ve learned this month.

#1 Mongolian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea has relocated since March 2019. We’ve gotten used to things in Mongolia moving or disappearing but didn’t expect that to happen in Korea. We went to the building Cory went to in March when he picked up his visa. It was not there anymore. Thankfully, a kind man holding a bottle of Windex helped us pin the new location on our google maps app and we were on our way to the new location (to find it was closed for a Mongolian holiday). We went back the next day and got everything taken care of.

This picture was of the new location on the first day when we discovered it was closed for a holiday. The next day the Embassy sign was gone (but the Embassy was still there) so I’m not sure if it’s moving again or if they’re getting a new sign or…

#2 I do not thrive in heat (that sounds better than “I LOATHE heat” right?). Especially when it’s combined with humidity. I wanted to enjoy the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul but, oh my gosh, I hated sweating so much. (Please enjoy the forced smile in the photo below). I’m still glad we went, though. There were so many different buildings, I found my dream home layout, and it just looked really cool.

#3 My 9 year old daughter is 1000X braver than she was a year ago. One year ago, she was afraid to ride this kids roller coaster in Sacramento, California. (neither of these are my videos, thanks youtube!)

This year she did the Gyro drop and rode this roller coaster in Seoul, South Korea (she did not, however, want to do either again).

#4 Dry shampoo is SUPER easy and cheap to make. I found this recipe on a few different sites (equal parts corn starch and baking soda with a bit of cocoa to mask it in darker hair), whipped up a batch and quickly tried it out. It’s weird smelling like cocoa–Cory told me you couldn’t smell unless your nose was right in my hair–but it totally worked, it’s cheap, and I haven’t been able to find dry shampoo since I moved here so I am very happy with this solution.

#5 When you buy cotton candy at a theme park they will assume it’s for your child. We shared this one but, later, when she was on a ride without me, I bought my own that I didn’t have to share.

Also, how cute is that cotton candy?!

#6 “In Russian, “крэм” means “cream” and this is different than frosting. Thankfully my mom taught me how to make frosting from scratch when I was younger and I had a box of powdered sugar on hand so I was still able to frost my cake.

To my credit, it does look like frosting, right? Also pictured milk and butter (with Mongolian, not Russian labels)

What have you learned in the last month?

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