Chinbat & Pagma’s Wedding!

Pagma & her entourage arriving at the church
The shoe game appears to be universal

I love how weddings (and most holiday gatherings) include displays of talent. There were several dancers, a few singers, and some traditional Mongolian music on the horsehead fiddle.

We sat by the window because we’re smart (it got hot in there).
In Mongolia, we heart group photos…but we never know how much to smile in them because we don’t know if everyone else is doing big, cheesy smile or if they’re going straight-faced. This is the church group photo. It’s a lovely lot of people.

After the wedding, Cory was told to grab his camera and get in the car. The wedding party (in the decorated car below) simply pulled over on a 4 lane road, walked out to the middle of the road (effectively stopping traffic going both ways), and took pictures because that arch is classic.

Sure, people honked, but drivers here honk at everything and, deep down, most people are willing to be mildly inconvenienced for love <3. Cory was the back-up photographer so he took pictures of the process while Chinzo got the money shots.

Then they went to Sukhbaatar Square. They’re on the front steps of the capital building here. Normally, you can’t go up those steps or get near the giant Chinngis statue. Unless, of course, Nomin talks to a guard and convinces him to pull back the rope so they could get closer.

This is the view looking down the stairs of the capital building. Mongolia is beautiful. I think the extra people could be photoshopped out of this picture but it wouldn’t reflect real life in the city. Real life is lots of people, close together, all part of each others’ lives (whether they mean to be or not).

And this one. Because he’s a cute kid and this is a great picture. And isn’t that how we all feel after a long day of photos?

Congratulations, Chinbat & Pagma! We’re so happy for you!

2 thoughts on “Chinbat & Pagma’s Wedding!

  1. Nice work! Since my son and daughter both do weddings, I have seen a zillion wedding photos & videos and will tell you that IMHO, Cory does very good work! Add his pictures and your narrative and this really helped me understand more about Mongolia and its people. Thank you!


  2. Thanks for sharing, so fun to see the Mongolian culture through your eyes!!! And Cory did a great job on the pictures!!!


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