Chinbat & Pagma’s Prewedding Photo Shoot

Cory’s got a camera and he knows how to use it. Our friend Pagma asked if he could take some pictures of her and her fiance to be used in a slideshow at their wedding. He was happy to.

They went outside the city and spent about 10 hours driving around, avoiding rain, finding good spots (as if there were bad ones), posing, reposing, avoiding getting fined for taking pictures without a permit (oops), and capturing beautiful images of two beautiful people who love each other very much.

The wedding was Saturday, July 6th. He’s editing those photos as I type this and we’ll share them in a another post. But for now, enjoy the beauty and love captured in the heart of Mongolia and two of its most special people.

Pagma’s sister, brother, and sister-in-law were the support crew for this photo shoot.
Turtle Rock is natural rock formation about an hour outside of the city (when the road is not under construction) and a popular place to get pictures taken.
The Chinngis statue is an even more popular place to get wedding photos taken…and, apparently, a place that requires permits for wedding photography. Live and learn.
And there were camels. So, obviously, pictures with camels.

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