S’mores Can Lie if You Let Them

On Friday I couldn’t convince myself to get out of bed or go to school. All of the stress of visas, ever-changing inconsistent information from nearly every institution we’re connected to, frustration about how slowly language learning is progressing, and the details of upcoming travel, combined with not enough sleep just about crushed me.

Today we made s’mores in our small kitchen with overpriced giant marshmallows and graham crackers we picked up in Singapore.

If I only posted about the s’mores you could be jealous of our cute little expat adventure in s’moring.

But let’s balance that with the fact that our life is stressful and overwhelming about half the time…just like your life but for different reasons…and just be honest about the fact that moving to a foriegn country is as hard as it is amazing.

And sometimes we get sick of cute adventures and quirky bill pay methods (like 2 out of 4 banks that Cory went to today were out of power and the two banks he did go to weren’t able to take care of all his banking needs so he gets to go out tomorrow and try again).

The point is not me complaining. The point is just that positive pictures and posts don’t tell the whole story– not for anyone.

Still, we ARE grateful for this imperfect, overwhelming life (and I did get our of bed eventually and I’m feeling fine now). And, to that end, we will leave you with pictures of this evening’s s’moring adventures.

9 thoughts on “S’mores Can Lie if You Let Them

  1. Thanks for sharing. We like to share the good times..not tell people that life is hard..in fact sometime it stinks. I am lying in bed not wanting to get up and do what needs to be done today..ty


    1. Oh, Ann. Life can be mean sometimes. I don’t have good words, only hope that things begin to look up if you choose to get out of bed 💗


  2. Hah! I somehow managed to post with the wrong email.

    Anyway, I’ll do this properly this time and you can delete the other comment. 🙂

    I wanted to say that if it is any consolation or encouragement, I love reading about your adventures. In fact, I have gone back and read all your posts from the beginning and I look forward to them.

    My prayers are with you.


  3. I appreciate your willingness to share the real struggles that are part and parcel of going to Mongolia. As someone once said, “If it were easy, anyone could do it” and the fact you are there because of your love for God and His calling in your life, doesn’t negate the difficulty. You are in our prayers!


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