Ariunaa: Mongolian Enterprise Fund

Ariunaa exudes gentleness and peace.  I think you can feel it in the pictures. But life was not always this way. When she was thirteen life was hard. A relative told her about a free place where you could go and pray and ask for help that worked. She was desperate, so she went.

Jesus, if you hear me, if you are God, help me to find a job,” she prayed.

Jesus did hear her, and gave her more than she expected, though she didn’t realize it at the time.  Someone who worked at a local TV station offered her a job cleaning their house.  She enjoyed working for them.  Sometimes there would be other people over when she was cleaning.  She didn’t know, at the time, that she’d been invited to overhear and, eventually, take part in a Bible Study.

In 2003 she came to church with her employers for the first time. After listening to the sermons, meeting with church members, and seeing how real God was in their lives, Ariunaa gave her life to Jesus. She continued to attend the church and grow in her faith.  She traces her journey to Christ, back to the simple prayer she prayed when she was 13 to a God she didn’t know but who knew her and cared for her.

A few years later she was appointed as a Leader at the Gatchuurt Church where a young man named Chinzo had been appointed Worship Leader. They began to date. They’ve now been married about 8 years.  They have two sons who are 3 and 7.

Chinzo works for an organization called Mongol Missions.  He travels visiting nomads, sharing the Jesus video and testimonies, evangelizing and planting churches. Side note: if you ever thought, “I’d really like to do more to see more Mongolians come to Christ,” supporting Mongol Missions would be a VERY good use of your finances and a fantastic ministry to pray for. You should at least click over and like their page on Facebook

Airunaa works to help support their family so her husband can afford to do his ministry. In addition to making clothes, she’s been contracted by a company to make abacus covers, and she gets paid to teach sewing classes.  Recently, she moved her shop next door to a Christian Crisis Pregnancy center.  She has the opportunity to disciple at-risk women while teaching them a marketable skill.

A year ago, she received a 8,000,000₮ ($2,500) loan to help her establish her business.  She used the money to buy equipment and material.  Most of her work comes from personalized orders.  When she has spare time and spare material, she’ll make clothes to sell at the market.

You can check out more of her work at her Facebook Page. Ариу Урлан

Ariunaa loves sewing, but her passion is to invest in the lives of women by discipling them.  Her shop gives her the financial freedom to determine her hours and to invite women to apprentice with her.

Gifts to the Mongolian Enterprise Fund allow people like Ariunaa and Chinzo to multiply their ministry efforts while still providing for their families.  The loans are eventually repaid, providing funds for more Christian entrepreneurs to begin or expand their business.  Your tax deductible gift, in any amount, changes lives. Questions about how it works?  Comment below or email us.

You can read about more lives impacted by the Mongolian Enterprise Fund here: Batjargal

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