Machine Monday: the Bidet

*The earlier, published post of “the Bidet” has inexplicably disappeared post-publish and I recreated this post from an old, old draft.  I’m really not sure what happened.  So, I apologize if this post is less polished than normal*

Machines are taking over our apartment.  I put a poll on Facebook asking which machines you were interested in learning about for a series called “Machine Mondays” and the overwhelming winner was the bidet.  A few thoughts and disclaimers:

First,  I didn’t know these things were so inexpensive.  It was less than a couple hundred dollars.  Maybe it’d cost more if it was a separate, stand alone unit, but we clearly don’t have room for that and that kind of bidet raises a lot of questions for me.

Second, the bidet is practical but we acknowledge that it is not necessary.  If you have any questions about why we decided to get a bidet (maybe I just need to justify it to myself), I encourage you to throw your used toilet paper into a garbage can instead of flushing it for a week; I think you’ll understand our reasoning.

I thought it’d be more interesting to make a video.  I’m getting over a cold, you’ll hear that in my voice.  Our cat, Sevsgare, bites me at one point (she thought we were playing) that’s why I say, “Ow!!!”  I did clean up the mess (you’ll understand by the end) as soon as I shut off the video.  And, yes, the controls have braille on them.


If you have questions, feel free to leave them below or on Facebook.

Next week: Air Purifiers


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