M&M’s in Mongolia

A friend from home recently asked me if the M&M’s were the same here as in the US.

Guys, they are not.

They are similar (and still delicious) but they are not the same.

Let me tell you more about this.  But, before I do, I think it’s important to note that I am, indeed, writing an entire post about M&M’s.  This should indicate to you, in part, how important they are in my life and give you some idea how grateful I am that God called us to a country that has them.  Truly, he is kind.

To illustrate the differences, I bought Mongolian (Russian) M&M’s, and American M&M’s and, while I was shopping at the expat store found some Egyptian M&M’s that I’m throwing in just for fun.

Top: American, Middle: Mongolian (Russian), Bottom: Egyptian

Difference #1


The colors are the same–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown–but they are a little less vivid here. The above picture doesn’t capture the difference well, but you can see it if you look at orange.  The top orange is more vivid and more consistent.  The top row is also slightly shinier.

Lots of countries have restrictions on food dyes so maybe this is why?  I’m not sure.  It does not take away from the flavor or experience.

Difference #2

They are slightly thicker and more textured here. American M&Ms have a very smooth finish; Russian M&Ms are a little bumpy.  And they are a little more plump.

American M&M’s
Mongolian (Russian M&M’s)
This cross section of the blue M&M’s really shows the difference in plumpness.

This difference may appear small but, in a blind taste test, I was immediately able to identify which M&M’s were American and which were Mongolian.  Cory performed the test and can vouch for this.

Difference #3

The shell is a little thicker (or just harder, I’m not quite sure) causing them to take a little more time to melt or force to break.  Not a lot of force–that’d be crazy–but you can’t hold them in your mouth for a second to let them melt then carefully crack them along the edge.  (Surely, I’m not the only person who likes to eat them this way.)

Difference #4

The bags are slightly different.  I don’t have a picture of a small bag of Mongolian (Russian) M&M’s because I buy the bigger, resealable bags but the Mongolian (Russian) bags are very similar to the Egyptian bags so that comparison will give you an idea. They feel more plasticy and are more shiny.  They have nearly 3 grams less M&M’s, which I’m guessing works out to four or five pieces.  Really, not a big deal. Also, M&M’s are cheaper here compared to the US (the imported bags were significantly more expensive).

Mongolian (Russian) and Egyptian are basically the same expect the word “chocolate” is “с молочым шоколагом” or something like that…
This is the right size bag to buy. It lasts longer and is resealable. And there are more M&M’s in it.


So, Kim, here is a very detailed answer to your question 😉

And, to all my readers, when you come visit, I will make sure you have the opportunity to experience the difference yourself.




One thought on “M&M’s in Mongolia

  1. Hello to the Ellison family.
    Hope all is well this day and you’ve been getting more rest. Will be continually praying for you that God help you through the language transition. We will also be praying for Leyanna that her writing skills advance quickly.
    Thank you for all you are doing to advance the Kingdom there and be a beacon of light for Christ!


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