You Can Send Us Mail!

Hi Friends,

Several of you have asked how you can send us mail.  We finally have answers.

Mail is not delivered to homes here.  If you want to get mail, you need to rent a PO BOX.  So today I went to the local post office with my friend Agiimaa and rented a PO Box for the next two years.  It cost me $13.50.  For two whole years.

If you want to send a letter (I think it costs around $1.20 US to buy an international stamp to mail a normal sized letter from the US), you can address it to:

The Ellisons (or whichever Ellison you prefer)
Post Office 49–Box 479

Pretty simple, right?

You can also send packages through the United States Post Office or Canada Post to the address above.  You can also check UPS and FedEx but I’m pretty sure they’re more expensive.

If you’re a little more adventurous, there is a company you can use if you want to ship directly from Amazon to Mongolia: Mongoltown.  We have an Amazon shopping/wish list that we keep relatively updated here.

Here’s how Mongoltown works:

Here is an Instruction video [spoiler alert, it’s in Mongolian]

  1.  Open an account at and know your mailbox number (that hotel4box will give you).
  2. Make purchase from Amazon, shipping to their Los Angeles address [you’ll see their LA address when you log on to hotel4box] and put your Hotel4Box mailbox # on the address line along with your full name [this is how they match your Amazon delivery with your instructions on how to forward it to us].
  3. Place an order on Hotel4box to let them know a package will be arriving and where you want it sent. You will enter your tracking number and order number from Amazon, fill the information about your package and receiving address in UB and your Mongolian phone numbers [email or FB message us for our physical address and phone numbers in Mongolia].
  4. When your package arrives in LA, the order status will be changed.  When it says “shipping approved” you need to go to invoices and pay the transport fee [I believe this is about $10 per Kilogram]. Then the order status will be change to “shipping paid.” As soon as you pay the invoice they will send your package to us Mongolia.
  5. And lastly when your package arrives at UB, they will call Cory’s number and deliver the package.

There’s a helpful infographic here:



3 thoughts on “You Can Send Us Mail!

  1. JenThank you so much. I’m at church food pantry right now (Monday here around 11am) and we were just talking about a mailing address for you guys. Also, we pray for you too. And especially for Your daughter, it’s a big change for both of you guys but for a 8-9yr old, I can only imagine.Questions:- are there certain things we cannot send to you (Mongolia)? Their country restricts it.- what are your birthdays?- are there certain things in the USA that you miss and cannot get in Mongolia?- will look at your amazon wish list- are there any things that your daughter would like to have/get that you can’t get over there ?Wishing you the best.Doug Williams
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


    1. I don’t know about restrictions. No vitamins or drugs. Other than that, I think it’s common sense. I think we will learn as we go. I haven’t seen Honeynut Cheerios or nutter butters yet. Other than that, I’m not sure. I’ll keep you posted. Tell everyone at the pantry ho next time you’re there 🙂


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