On Why I Haven’t Written Much

We arrived in Ulanbaatar nearly three weeks ago.  I’ve posted a little on FB and a few times on Instagram, I’ve even tossed out a couple tweets.

But I haven’t sat down to write a post.

It’s not because I’m too busy.  It’s because my brain is too fried.  And my filter is broken…not the one that controls what’s coming out of my mouth; thankfully, that one seems to be working fine (most of the time).  It’s the filter that determines what’s important, what’s interesting, and what’s relatable.

The first day I was here I wrote 4 pages.  Just brain dumping all the different experiences we had.  Some were little things, like how our cell plans aren’t on contract, how we pay in cash at the cell store the month after we use the service, and how our cell plan is about half what we’d pay in the states and our host was worried it’d be too expensive.

I wrote about how the traffic light at the big intersection near us gets stuck sometimes when only one lane of traffic gets to go…for like five minutes…and then everyone else decides that’s stupid and just starts going.  I’ll write a whole post about traffic some day.  I may change my tune when it’s 40 below but, for now, I’m really glad I don’t have to worry about learning to drive here.

I wrote about how we learned fruit has to be weighed and packaged by a professional before you get to the check out counter. And how “chicken nuggets” are pronounced “chicken nuggets” at Burger King.

So many little things.  I want to start sharing fun little stories.  Like how our neighbor came pounding on our door at midnight because water was leaking into his apartment but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Or about the time when that same neighbor was running around the building knocking on all the doors trying to get everyone outside. I was worried it was a fire but it seemed to have something to do with a metal frame that had been built in our parking lot…I’ll share my theory another time.

I want to tell you about the garbage collection, about how Mongolia takes small business to a whole other level, how I got served a chai latte made from green tea, how I can’t find vanilla (or spices).

And those are just the every day little things. I’m learning the stories of some of our church people and so badly want to introduce you to them.  They have been transformed by God’s love and the are agents of transformation in their families, communities, and in the world.

So, I’m going to try to write more (both for my sake and for yours!).  If there’s anything you want to know, feel free to ask.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience as we try to figure out how to speak, shop, breathe, and live again.




7 thoughts on “On Why I Haven’t Written Much

    1. There are a few, but not enough. Functional alcoholism is rampant, especially in the winter. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of support for addictions that have led to homelessness. I have a lot to learn so there might be more than I know but I’m pretty sure there is huge opportunity to serve people struggling with addiction.


  1. Our purpose for moving to a different country is very different, but all of your posts have brought me a lot of comfort with my own planning and preparing…from dealing with visas to seeing how you guys packed! The other night, one of many without good sleep, I talked my nerves down by promising myself that once I get to my new apartment I can just lay on the bed for a while if I need to. Thanks for writing so honestly 🙂 Cheers to figuring out how to live and function!


    1. I can’t tell you how much that warms my heart. Yes, there has been so much laying down (which got much more pleasant on week 2 when we got mattresses) and I’ve worried about depression/laziness but I really think it’s been giving my soul the space it needs to breathe and I’m glad we’ve had the freedom to do that. I’m excited for your adventure! It’s grad school in the UK?


  2. Ann, I just learned a few of our churches have held seminars about addiction and one is reaching out to children of alcoholics. There is so much opportunity and need!


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