Blessings On the Journey, Part 4

Blessings are as varied and as random as the people who provide them.  Here are a few.  There have been so many more.  I hope these simple stories inspire you and give you courage to take risks and bless the people in your lives in whatever seemingly random way the Holy Spirit leads you. 

A Cake

I got a call asking we’d be home because our friend had something to drop off.

It was a cake.

It was glorious, completely random, and such a morale booster of the next week as we slowly ate that delectable chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  I do not know what inspired the cake, but I am very thankful for the cake.  (Thanks, Boomer!)

Gift Card to Applebee’s

One of my friends (who also is a volunteer leader of one of the ministries I oversaw as Local Outreach Pastor) wrote the sweetest card.  In the card she included an Applebee’s gift card because, she explained, we may need to use it when we were travelling…or some night when we just didn’t want to cook.  We used it for the latter.

Garage Sale Support

I had two full days of Sell-Everything-In-The-House garage sale and did not spend a minute of that time alone.  Friends came at various times in the weeks before to help sort, or clean things, or play with LeYanna so we could do things. Friends showed up during the sale to collect money, bring coffee and lunch and dinner and a tent for shade, to talk to all of the people I was not talking to, and make up prices for things that I had not priced. When it was time to clean up on the second day our neighbors (and the guys who rides his bike by periodically and says, “HI!” stopped too) jumped in and helped us box the stuff that didn’t sell and clean up the tables.  I CANNOT tell you how these people kept us floating as we walked through the practical work of a huge garage sale while feeling all the feelings of letting go of all of the things.

Prayer Notes

We got an envelope with prayers in them from students at Kingswood University students.  They had a chapel service where different students prayed for different missionaries.  It was a joy to get these unexpected notes in the mail.

Prepaid Babysitting

We had dinner with friends and they not only paid for our babysitter that night but gave us extra money to prepay our babysitter for the other times we would need her to babysit as we continued to meet with people, speak at small groups, and tried to take time away to invest in our marriage.

Can I pray for you?

Guys, this is one of the best questions you can ever ask.  I think sometimes people are afraid to ask because their intimidated by the fact that we’re pastor/missionaries or just because it’s not a normal thing for them to do but we’re always so encouraged when they do.

Let’s all just take a minute and decide to make it a normal thing to do, okay?

When someone says something big or heavy, just say, “Can I pray for you?” and then pray for them.  It’s simple. And powerful.  And reminds us that we all need Jesus more than we need anything else, and that we’re less in control than we like to believe we are. And it invites power into an otherwise normal conversation.

Just ask.  It’s a good idea. I promise.


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