Blessings on the Journey, Part 3

My biggest fear in moving to Mongolia: How it’s going to impact my child.  So when other people express interest in her and care for her in practical ways it melts my mama’s heart.  Here are a few ways people have done that.


There are a lot of great Linda’s in my life.  This one, in particular, is a Kids Hope mentor at All Shores and asked if I’d be okay with her sending LeYanna birthday cards and giving her a birthday gift.  Linda wrote the sweetest letter introducing herself and letting LeYanna know that she’d be praying for her and sending her letters and cards periodically.  Linda, you’ll never know how much this means to me.

River Church adopting LeYanna

LeYanna walked out of kids’ church at River Church in Sacramento, CA with a Barnes & Noble and Amazon gift card.  Thinking those were pretty extreme first time visitor gifts for a first grader I went back to ask how she got them.  Cindy, the Kid’s Pastor said, “Oh, LeYanna is our missionary kid so we wanted to celebrate her today and giver her a gift.”  She went on to talk about different ways the kids and kids ministry could stay connected with LeYanna.  Cindy is blessing my daughter and simultaneously expanding the horizons of the kids at River Church.

Girl Scouts

Oh, man, when Penny (LeYanna’s Girl Scout Troop leader) stopped by and asked if she could prepare some of the activities and patches the troop will be doing next year so LeYanna could still participate from the other side of the world, I just cried and nodded my head.  Because I know she has to integrate into her new life in our new country but I don’t want her to leave behind everything she loves (and she LOVES Girl Scouts more than just about anything in the world).  She will benefit so much from the connection and the other girls in the troop can learn so much from our life in Mongolia.

Praying for her particularly

I’ve started a list of people who have asked specifically if they can pray for LeYanna.  Their hears have just been captured by the journey our little one is going on and want to make sure she’s got some extra support.   Kids might be resilient but this is going to be a SHOCK to her system and we don’t even know what that’s going to look like. So, yes, please, pray.  And then pray some more. 

A Pen Pal

At Deep Water Church in Halifax, NS a woman approached me who has a daughter roughly the same age as mine.  She asked if LeYanna might want a pen pal.  Her daughter has been faithfully corresponding with some missionaries who are in their 60’s but thought it might be fun for her to swap letters with a kid her own age.  What a great idea!  I remember having a pen pal from England in 6th grade and loved it.

It’s moments, conversations, gifts like these that remind me that God has all of us (including LeYanna) firmly planted in his hands.  He’s raising up a tribe of people–old and young, friends and strangers–to support her on this journey.  He is such a good, good Father. 

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