A Boring Post about Partnership Development Stats

To celebrate reaching 100% funded I’ve curated a post with stats and random information for those who are interested in things like that.  If you don’t think stats and charts are interesting…just close this window right now;  it is not worth your time.


We have spoken at 15 churches in 7 states and provinces. We tried to keep our supporting churches near family and friends so, when we are back in 3-4 years, we will only have a few places to visit.

At the average church we gain 5-10 new prayer partners.  Sometimes it’s been as low as two or three, sometimes it’s been up closer to 25-30.

1/3 of our budget is provided by churches’ Faith Promises

We have 12 regularly supporting churches and 6 churches that have given one-time gift. Two additional churches gave us their VBS offering totally nearly $1500

We have regularly supporting churches in 3 states and 3 Canadian provinces (California, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Michigan, Ontario, and Pennsylvania).

beach family

2/3 of our budget is provided by individuals’ Faith Promises

We have 112 regular individual donors.  Most of them are people who knew us before we were called to be missionaries.  We met a few of them at churches or district conferences, a few are just passionate about Mongolia, and some responded to cold calls.

We have supporters in 17 states & provinces

Map my contacts
(the tool that generates this map can’t handle Canada so there are no pins in Canada, even though we’ve got people there)

Monthly gifts range from $4 per month (really, $50/year) to $450 per month

The average monthly gift of an individual supporter is $75

The most common gift is $50/month

Most people give on a monthly basis, some give quarterly or annually.

If we include the people who have given one-time gifts and the people who randomly slip you $20 after a church service we easily have 200 people & churches who have financially supported our work in Mongolia.

We currently have 429 people who have committed to pray for us on a weekly basis.

We are currently 100% funded. However, in a couple months, when our new budget with updated visa costs hits, we’ll be a little short.  Our budget will increase about $340/month.  We have verbal commitments that should cover $325 of that, leaving us about $15/month short. To be safe, we should be at about 105-110%

All of our money goes into a pot that we call “Cash Balance.”  Any time we spend money (payroll, travel, office supplies, etc.) our Cash Balance goes down.  Some months we’ll spend way more than our monthly budget amount (like in August when we buy plane tickets, get our moving allowance, and pay LeYanna’s school fees).  Other months we will spend less than half of our monthly budget; it balances out over time.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  What would you like to know?

(If you want to give us a one-time gift or become a reoccurring financial partner, click here and choose “give” or “faith promise.”  If you want to know what a faith promise is, click here). 

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