Blessings on the Journey, Part 2

We’ve had some beautiful opportunities to see God work through kids.  Kids see way more than we sometimes think they do and hear way more from God than we often give them credit for.  “Let the children come to me!” Jesus said.  Let’s show them the way (and watch as they show us the way!)

A Teenager in Jackson

When a teenager walks up to you after a church service, hands you a 20 dollar bill and says, “It’s not much but I want to do something to help in Mongolia,” it’s hard not feel a little overwhelmed and incredibly humbled.  It’s powerful to see a teenager be moved by the call to go into all the world and make disciples, then be willing to sacrifice for that call.


This year we had TWO different Vacation Bible Schools choose us as their missionary project, GracePointe Church in Ft. Valley, GA (Cory’s parent’s church) and City Life Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  Both groups of kids know LeYanna from visits so there was an immediate connection.  The first group raised nearly $450.  For the second VBS we gave the kid’s pastor a few different ideas of tangible items they could try to raise money for (school uniforms, air filters, LeYanna’s plane ticket).  We were surprised when they chose to make their goal purchasing LeYanna’s plane tickets…and even more surprised when penny wars and a matching gift raised over $1,000.  What a gift to involve kids in global ministry (for them and for us!).



LeYanna came home from school one day and had a dollar in her pocket.  “Where did this come from?” Cory asked her.  “Oh, yeah, a girl in my class gave that to me.  She wanted to help get us to Mongolia.  That dollar made LeYanna feel like she was contributing to the fundraising (partnership development process).



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