Blessings on the Journey, Part I

When people offer what they have to God, it’s amazing what he’ll do with it.  Here are a few of the ways people have used what they have for God’s glory in ways that have benefited us and our ministry in Mongolia.  We share them in no particular order in hopes that they will bless and inspire you as well.

An empty lot

For our first trip to Mongolia we each had to raise $1500.  A friend had an empty lot where he was planning to build a few blocks away from downtown in the tourist town where we lived. He offered the lot to us for the 4th of July and Coast Guard Festival to sell parking.  We made a few hundred dollars on the 4th of July and, in August, at the Coast Guard Festival, we made exactly $1,500 selling parking.  Which means each of our 75 parking spots was sold at least twice during the day.  Allowing us to use the lot cost him nothing (unless he had wanted to make money for himself) and was a HUGE blessing to us.


Online Cookie Auction

Deb is known in the community as an amazing baker.  To help raise money for us, she baked several dozen cookies and auctioned them off on Facebook. Between the two auctions, with matching gifts, she raised nearly $1,000.  She offered what she had (baking ingredients, her reputation, and social media) and watched God multiply it for his kingdom.

debs cookies

A Backyard BBQ “Yak” Fest

Cliff and Peggy opened up their backyard and invited friends and family from Cory’s childhood church and school over for a BBQ.  She let people know they’d be taking up a love offering to help cover the cost of setting up a new home.  There were over 40 guests, many who hadn’t seen Cory since he was a kid, who generously contributed $1,395 toward the cost of setting up a new home on the other side of the world.


Yoga Faith with Cindy

Cindy provides yoga on a donation basis through a couple of churches in the tri-cities area. These donations are then given to missions around the world.  For one month last fall, the donations Cindy collected were compiled and given to us.

The people who attend get all the stretching and toning and awareness that a yoga practice offers but, in addition to that, she creates space for us to meet with God and the Holy Spirit moves in powerful ways.  So participants walk away a little healthier, Cindy raises money for missions while providing a service, and the world is impacted in powerful ways.  Everyone wins.


In what ways have you seen people take what they have and offer it to God for his glory?

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