Real Talk: Our Immigration Process Non-Update

Real talk.

The process of getting into a foreign country legally right now feels like trying to put together a puzzle but you’re missing half the pieces and don’t have a picture of what it’s supposed to look like.

Different people are telling us different (conflicting) things.  They are using words we don’t know or understand (Immigration has a unique technical language). And we’re trying to do it without knowing the language it’s supposed to be done in (Mongolian).

It is extremely frustrating and extremely discouraging. We feel no further along in the process than we were months ago despite having spent hours on the phone, hours on email, hours filling out forms, with hundreds of people praying and, at various times, thinking we were just a few days away from receiving visas.  And all this to get into a country that really has no problem with us coming; they’re not even trying to keep us out.

The laws change frequently enough (they just changed July 1) that asking someone who successfully walked through the process last year will not necessarily be helpful.

We thought we could move August 1.  We wanted to be there two weeks before our daughter’s school starts (August 16).  We don’t know what’s possible right now and don’t understand what our next steps are.  We are reaching out for help which, hopefully, will be helpful but this is hard and confusing and currently feels like a battle we can’t win (even though many have done it before us).

That’s all.  No answers.  No solutions.  No resolution.

Well, there’s this:


3 thoughts on “Real Talk: Our Immigration Process Non-Update

  1. Love you all and things will work out. We all know God answers prayers in his time and way, which definitely may not be what and when we want/expect.


  2. Mary Ann & I waited 3 months for our immigration visa to Australia in 1979. God used that time to do develop certain things in us that needed to be done before we arrived.

    Thanks for that message, ‘Difficult Seasons’, by Bill Johnson.

    Dennis Sent from my iPad Rev. Dennis Barnett, B.A., M.Div. Barnett International Student Ministry



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