A Series of Temporary Homes

We’ve got our totes packed (we’re up to 7 totes+ a suitcase + a guitar) and our carry-ons ready to go.

As we were packing, specifically for our next stop–a two week stay in Indiana for training–I noticed my tendency to pack more than I normally would.  In addition to clothes, Kindle’s, and computers, we’re packing our electric tea kettle and coffee supplies, shoe polish, an iron, our printer, a small back of art supplies, a robust first-aid kit…way more stuff than we’d normally pack for a two week trip.

At first I felt bad about it.  When did we become such divas?  Then I realized it’s because we aren’t packing for a two-week trip; we’re not going somewhere then coming home.

We’re living temporarily in a series of different places.

So we’re taking little bits of home with us; things we might not necessarily need in the next two weeks but things we might need (or miss) the week after that.

It’s weird, this kind of packing, this kind of living, but I think it will also help us transition.  I hope it will help us let go of stuff and redefine what home means in a semi-familiar environment before we get to do it on the other side of the world.




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