Selling All The Things

We had a garage sale two weekends ago.

We sold so much stuff.

The stuff that didn’t sell will be delivered to a charity this week.  We gave our beds to my brother last weekend and someone is picking up our couch today.  So, as of today, the only furniture we’ll have in the house is one side table.

Our house feels empty.   It’s weird.

There’s still a bit of stuff that needs to be packed, given away, or thrown out.  That’s what we’ll be doing for the next couple days.

Then we’ll be down to two bins per person, plus our carry-ons, and an extra box of things we’re keeping around for travel this summer.

People have asked how it felt to watch our stuff go.  I think the hard part was making the decision to let it go; the hard part was sorting it.

We’ve never been very attached to most of our stuff, and the things we love the most are being stored at my brother’s house or coming with us.

I want to have better words, more profound words. But, mostly, it just feels weird, a little unsettling, and a little bit freeing.

For the summer we have the delicious freedom of travelling light.

We’ll be living like nomads.  Until we live with the nomads and start buying stuff to fill our home again.

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