We’re going to become unintentional minimalists for a little while.  We will be moving out of our home on June 10 and then wandering around the US & Canada as we participate in training and final partnership development.  During these two months we plan to primarily live out of our carry-on bags.  So we’ll have a few outfits that we wear over and over and over and over again. That’ll be fun.

When we fly to Mongolia, our airline will let us each have two free checked bags in addition to our one carry-on and personal item.  June-July we’ll store our two checked items at a friend’s house while we (attempt to) live out of our carry on items.

Moving around the world creates all sorts of questions and challenges.  This week we tackled: how will we pack our stuff?

I assumed we’d use suitcases to pack out stuff because that’s what you do when you travel.  But we only have one suitcase, storing them would be a nightmare, and I saw a blog that suggested taking fancy travel boxes.  So we asked some friends who are currently missionaries and they suggested simple totes.  They’re cheap, durable, and will be useful in our new home where we won’t have a lot of storage.

Our checked bags are allowed to have 62 inches of dimensions.  These totes are exactly 62 inches when you add length + width + height.

So everything we plan to take with us (except what’s in our carry-ons)  will be packed in these $14, 20-gallon totes, that we’re going to try to keep under 50lbs each.

Buying totes at Meijer today!

We anticipate them being packed like this:

  • Cory’s clothes, shoes, and personal items
  • Jen’s clothes, shoes, and personal items
  • LeYanna’s clothes, shoes, books, and toys
  • Winter boots, coats, gloves, etc.
  • Household items (curtains, cutting knives, etc.)
  • The rest of the stuff.

Also, there will be stuffed animals squeezed into every spare inch of space in each tote because we love LeYanna and she loves stuffed animals.

The airline will allow us to take up to 10 totes each (isn’t that nuts?!) but each additional tote costs $200, which just doesn’t seem worth it.  We’ll end up buying what we need when we get there.

LeYanna fits in a 25 gallon tote…this is how she watched TV this afternoon.

Because we will be living in a city we will have shopping options. There’s an eMart (kind of like a Korean Walmart) less than a mile from our home and there are a ton of little shops in addition to the Black Market.

We’ll attempt to pack in early June so we’ll let you know how it goes…and if we can really stick to 6 totes.  Cory thinks we can.  I’m skeptical.

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