I’m exhausted…because this is exhausting.

I heard these words on this podcast and my soul said, “Yes!”
It makes sense that my emotional resiliency is so low today, that I’m so tired.  This isn’t weakness, it’s a reasonable response to my circumstances.  Today, I am exhausted because this is exhausting.
I’m preparing to leave my job in a week and want to hand it off well. I’m preparing to leave my home in 6 weeks and need to get rid of almost all of the stuff. I’m preparing to leave the country in less than 100 days. I have some end of the semester grading left to do. We’re still actively developing partnerships, filling Sundays, and trying to raise nearly $2,000 in monthly commitments to be cleared to go on the field. We’re having visa conversations via email with people in three different countries. There are doctors and dentist appointments we’re scheduling before our insurance changes. We are planning for literally hundreds of goodbyes in the next two weeks as we prepare for our last official Sunday at All Shores.
Let’s stop there.
Hundreds of goodbyes. In the next few weeks. And that’s months before we leave the country during which there will be hundreds more goodbyes.
Yesterday Cory had a migraine, LeYanna slammed her finger in the car door and I worked until 8 pm. I didn’t sleep well because LeYanna’s finger hurt then she had a bad dream then she had to sleep in my bed and my arm was the only acceptable pillow for her.
A million good things are happening. People are being so kind and so gracious and God is providing in so many different ways. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is hard work, a lot of work, and we are exhausted. 
I’m telling you this because we tend to post the fun stuff (especially over on Facebook) about how God is moving, how people are being the hands and feet of Jesus to us, how we are receiving blessing after blessing in this crazy journey.  But that’s only part of the story.  This is the other part.
We know we’re not the only people who have a lot on their plate.  We’re not asking for anything.  We’re just telling another aspect of our story.  The part where we say that sometimes this is hard and right now we’re exhausted.  The part where we try to go to be earlier to get some extra sleep hoping it will refresh both our bodies and our souls.  The part where we leave things undone because there is more to do than can be done.
That part.
Because it’s part of the journey.
Thanks for walking this journey with us.

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