Counting Down

Monday, April 23: 100 days until we hope to move to Mongolia. Are we freaking out about this date?  Yes, yes we are.  It’s so close and there is so much left to do! And our ability to leave 100 days from April 23 is dependent on being fully-funded (we are currently at 74%).  So pray that we’ll be fully funded sooner rather than later so we can buy tickets, apply for visas, etc.

Sunday, April 29: Our last Sunday at the Coopersville Campus of All Shores.  We’ll be hanging out after service and there will be LOTS of hugs.  So many hugs.

Tuesday, May 1: Jen’s last day in the office at All Shores.  I will be feeling all of the feels this day.

Sunday, May 6: Our last Sunday at All Shores (& LeYanna’s Baptism!) at the Spring Lake Campus.  We’ll have a “Sending Celebration” in W200 after both services so we can say good bye and give lots more hugs.  And probably shed some tears.

Sunday, May 13: Jen is preaching at Brockville Wesleyan in Brockville, ON

Sunday, June 3: We’re sharing at GracePointe Wesleyan Church in Owosso & St. John, MI

Sunday, June 10: We move out of our home and head to Indiana for two weeks of training.  We will be without a home after this date though we have a few options of where to stay when we’re not actively traveling we’re just not sure which one we’ll end up choosing yet.

June 22-July 31: We’ll be transient as we visit churches, partners, friends, and family before we leave.  If you’d like us to come speak at your church, meet with your missions committee, or otherwise hang out with us, let us know!

Wednesday, August 1: We hope to board a plane and fly to Mongolia (this is dependent on being 100% funded…we’re at 74% right now.  We are looking for financial partners who will commit to supporting training pastors in Mongolia on a monthly basis.  To partner with us on a monthly basis, click here)

Thursday, August 16: School starts for LeYanna in Mongolia

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