Rocks & Water

This morning I read Exodus 17:3-7.  It’s the story of how, while journeying in the wilderness, the Israelites grumbled, and quarreled, and tested the Lord.  They were thirsty and he wasn’t providing the water quickly enough so they got angry, and scared, and whined and yelled, and accused Moses (and God) of leading them into the desert to die.

How did God respond?  By providing water.  

Would he have provided the water if they’d not whined and yelled?  Yes, undoubtedly. 

Why did he wait til then?  I don’t know.

What does this mean to me, personally? I know God has brought us on this journey but we still get scared sometimes.  We don’t know where the other 47% is going to come from but we know he didn’t bring us into the wilderness to let us die (because that’s not what he does).  So, faced with the reality that we know he’s called us on this journey while faced with the uncertainty of when and how the money will come, we are choosing to trust, and follow, and ask, rather than acting out of fear.  

God provided for the Israelites in so many weird ways–like striking the rock so water would flow, and bringing flocks of quail, parting the sea, leading with fire and smoke, the Egyptians giving them gifts when they left–and we believe he provide for us as well.  We’re just going to keep doing what we know how to do and trust that God will provide because we believe he wants us in Mongolia even more than we want to get there!

If you’re in a season of waiting and uncertainty, if the path forward is unclear and unsettling, know that God cares about you more than you care about yourself and is already working on your behalf to provide for you and to clear the path in front of you.  He did not lead you into the wilderness to let you die. It’s okay to trust what you don’t see.


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