It turns out I’m more of a glass half-empty than glass half-full kind of person.  I am constantly striving to improve.  Seeing the gap between what is and what could be is often an important part of the improvement process and I’m really good at that part.

Most of the time this drive to make things better is a good thing.
Sometimes constantly being aware of the gap can be a bad thing.

I was reminded recently that I need to celebrate how far we’ve come, especially if I have a bent toward charging forward.  Last week we decided when we hit 50% we would find a way to celebrate.  When we woke up Tuesday morning we were at 52%!  Tuesday night we sat down to figure out when we could party and how we could celebrate in a way that wouldn’t stress us out.  (For the record, I didn’t have a problem with celebration stressing us out but, Cory, in his wisdom, and with his good boundaries, thought it might not be wise).

Clearly, hosting anything in our house wasn’t going to work.  Who has hours and hours to tidy and clean and create theme-based foods and theme-based decorations? Not us, especially in the coming week where we’d managed to book something nearly every night. So we couldn’t host it at our home and I didn’t have time make elaborately themed decorations and food.  For a while, it seemed like a party might not happen.

As we continued to argue talk about if/how to celebrate, Cory had a brilliant idea: half-price apps at Applebees before the growth group we’re heading to on Thursday.  It’s a brilliant idea because the theme is built in “half-price apps because we’re halfway there,” we don’t have to host, we don’t have to cook dinner for ourselves that night, and it won’t break the bank  (which is really good when you in the process of fundraising)!

We have 52% down and 48% to go.  Which means our new goal is growing by about 12% each month for the next 4 months.  Which feels overwhelming.  Which is why I’m not allowed to think about it.  Instead, I need to stop and celebrate.

  • Celebrate the 52 % that’s been committed.
  • Celebrate that we’ve raised over $25,000 already for our start-up fund,  travel expenses, and a budget buffer when we’re overseas.
  • Celebrate that two churches who have never partnered with missionaries before are partnering with us!
  • Celebrate that we have a group of guys in a prison praying for our ministry.
  • Celebrate that people who have never given to missions before are giving to support our ministry.
  • Celebrate that hundreds of people are praying for us and the Mongolian church on a weekly basis.
  • Celebrate that we’re are being brought deeper into a trusting relationship with God where he does more with us than we could possibly do on our own.

So, if you’re local, please stop the busyness for a few hours and come celebrate with us!  Thursday, March 8, from 4:30-6:00 p.m. the Applebees in Grand Haven.  Let us know you’re coming and we’ll save you a seat!


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