Making Pasta from Scratch

I’m not very domestic but I was watching this video of Mongolians cooking traditional food and  I noticed they were making their own pasta from scratch.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make pasta and I decided Saturday night after a long day selling bath bombs at the winter market and before I had to get up early the next morning for church would be a good time to try.

I searched Pinterest until I found a simple recipe with simple instructions.  And then I made a huge, beautiful mess on my dining room table. [Side note: buying a glass dining room table is one of the most brilliant things I’ve accidentally done.  You can’t stain it or dent it easily, everything wipes off and it’s easy to clean the smooth surface.  It’s great for crafts, cooking, and cleaning. brilliant].

I used this recipe  (and then I added color because I like fun-looking food).

The noodles were delicious; my whole family loved them!  It would be much easier to make noodles if I had a nice blender and attachments that would flatten and cut the noodles but it was doable without those things. Making pasta was a fun, cheap, easy, and tasty experiment.  And now I’m one (tiny) step closer to fitting in in Mongolia.

Does anyone else out there make noodles from scratch?  Any fun recipes I should try?  Or (small) tools I could get to make it easier?


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