Our Little Scientist

Here’s a glimpse into our real life right now because even though we’ve got this crazy “moving to Mongolia” aspect to our life we also have the very normal “raising a family in North America” thing going on too.

LeYanna decided to enter her school’s science fair. She was asking the question, “Will a bath bomb, placed in water, create enough gas to blow up a balloon?”  We spent time writing a list of materials we’d need, the steps of the experiment, and a list of anticipated variables.

Then we went to work.

We made bath bombs then crushed them (so they’d fit in a jar with a top small enough that a balloon could fit over it). Then we filled the jar with bath bomb dust and water, then covered it with a balloon and watched the balloon grow.  We quickly learned that it’s easier to put the bath bomb dust in the balloon, water in the vase, seal the balloon over the vase then lift the balloon to dump the bath bomb dust in.  Either way, the bomb definitely created enough CO2 to blow up a balloon!


After we saw the results of the experiment, Cory and LeYanna began exploring why it worked.  They learned about the chemical properties of baking soda and citric acid (two ingredients in bath bombs) when mixed with water and then put what they learned on a display board.

I had fun, Cory had fun, LeYanna had fun.

And it gives us a great excuse to start talking about LeYanna’s new Bath Bomb Business (which we should have up and running Saturday night)–but that wasn’t the plan, just a nice benefit!

See, we’re normal people. Except when we’re not.

2 thoughts on “Our Little Scientist

  1. That’s awesome. My girls would love that too. What is she putting in her bath bombs? I wonder if they’re Birdie safe.

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    1. This is the recipe we use: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/ASGA2HPAeLYL8emtdAz12mjOFvkenOl_-O-D07Rpn14NjSC5K7cq5rA/ <–there's a link right there but I'm not sure you can see it. Basically, it says:

      1/2 cup baking soda
      1/4 cup corn starch,
      1/4 cup Epsom salt,
      1/4 cup citric acid,
      3-4 tsp coconut oil,
      1-2 tsp water
      essential oil
      (plus any coloring you want to use…we've experimented with both soap coloring drops and mica powder).

      Mix dry ingredients together then add the wet ones very slowly so they don't fizz. When it sticks together (but still kind of feels like sand) squish it into molds and let sit for 24 hours (you can take it out of the mold and let it air dry after a couple minutes).


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