The Little Things

Last week, during his sermon, our pastor mentioned that our cold days we’ve been having here in West Michigan will be warm days for us in Mongolia.  This is pretty accurate.  I literally shivered when I saw the high in Mongolia this coming Sunday and Monday.

Grand havenUB

He also mentioned we’ve been standing outside in the cold to get used to it.  Someone asked me if this was true.

It kind of is.

We’ve been intentionally going on long walks in cold weather to get ready for our new home.  The library is a mile away from our home so I’ve been trying to walk, rather than drive, to drop books off, even in the single digits. Two weeks ago, it was 0* and I walked  LeYanna to school then continued walking for another half hour.

It’s a little thing we’re doing to help us adjust to life in Mongolia before we get there.

We’re doing other little things too. Cory’s changed his clock to military time because that’s what they use in Monoglia. We’ve begun watching YouTube videos in Mongolian to get used to the sounds. I’ve started writing “thank you” in Monogolian Cyrillic letters to get used to this strange, new alphabet.

The more we can do now to help us adapt later, the easier the transition will be, theoretically.  So we’re starting small, bridging the gap, one small step at a time because it’s the little things that will prepare us for the big things and the more we can do now to prepare for later, the better!

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