Rough Translation

Every now and then I use Google Translate to try to read the Facebook posts of our Mongolian friends.  Sometimes it works better than others.

I thought it’d be fun to share with you a time when it did not work well.  Please enjoy this post that was recently shared about marriage, and parenting, and I don’t even know what.  I’ve included a screen shot of the post (not the whole text but you can’t read Mongolian anyway) that was shared and with a full translation below via Google Translate.


rough translation

Name of Undefeated Heroes / How to Overcome Mammals


I have three children, so I can not divorce my wife. When I was fourteen children, I decided to divide the children into two directions. The longhouse was picked up by the pyttos, saying, “I’m about to get rid of it.” You said you’re so weak now that you’re laughing at the back of the phone, you know. ” Talk about something without having to do it.

Life is just a scandal. 4 children are three chaotic children. Just go straight to go. Children do not even end up hugging and holding their arms. There was plenty of clothes to wear. As the wardrobe of the Central Cultural Palace. There is only one garment. A man with many children will scorn his wife. I do not know what to do wrong. The man told the man that he was not helping him, wearing his old clothes and going to the door. Take it, it’s nest. I’m shaking like a car like 130 cars.

When it’s time to sit in a nice car, forget about it, come back and come back. Find the house at home. That’s it. It’s right there, and it’s just right in the back of the drawer. The intersection and the intersection of what I’m looking for, but I can not find it. It’s a miracle to find a wife in the mouth of a wife to wail. Now that I have found what I found, I’m so angry that I’m throwing it off and that I’m ready to do it. I scold you for not seeing anything in the pelvis. The place where the exact location is located will not find it. What do you mean by the excitement of the dungeon? That’s true. Generally, wives tell the truth.

When I was walking with the light, I looked back. Black faces. After a while, they all fall asleep and fall asleep. You killed your sleeping children. It’s just nice to put it off and put on the clothes to sleep.

When the wife comes to the store, let’s say yes. You do not have to shop in the store and forget about some of the things you get. If the seller is a hybrid perforator. You will only be convinced when you say something to your wife.

I did not have a bed. An old clock that sleeps over and over and over and over and over long-slender wife. If you want to go to bed in the country, the little ones crying at night and are the real enemy of sleep. I can not have enough space for my two banners to tear myself apart. There is no blanket. It’s great to sleep with the tip.

In recent times, I have fallen on my sleeping mattress. During romance, in the large room, during the rest of the wife’s bed, other times. He also scolds himself as he tries to sleep with his feet in the back of his wife’s blanket. I did not have the right time. Two of my beautiful wife’s children have become children from ten years ago. I just occasionally see.

Children with me are very rare. Only 25% of all children are going to sleep with me. It’s a baby’s room, but there’s grief. She wants to sleep with her mother. At night it’s a good night’s sleep, and it’s a great move. The refugee who cursed his mother in the wake of their wandering and wiggly arms with their hands and arms wept for me. My poor mattresses were filled with camps, and I woke up with my arms on the back of my thigh.

The children’s birth date, age, and year of the year have to be changed. People have to write to the boy in the middle. Doctor: The birth date of your son. I thought. It is as if the teacher asks, as he turns his eyes around and thinks that the doctor does not know his son’s date of their child. He smiled badly, because he had many children. When I was two, I was going to have to think about it. I will always call children to mix with their names. Well, why do you call me in my brother’s name? Children who are not in the right are in kindergarten and in school, and are male and female. Sometimes we think it’s a class.

People see their father with many children as rams. Thinking of getting your wife to get a lot of children. There is no debris. 4 animals in the sexually transmitted age group of young adults. The wife is pregnant with a spice. It’s just a footstep. The girls show their father and mother, and the boys show off their mother from their dad. 24 hours. It’s not a 15-year-old white milk that has not been dissolved in milk. It’s a long way to pray for a god who is healthy and healthy.

The wife’s reputation will increase as a result of a child’s birth and a father’s reputation will fall. A good bride who gave a lot of children, and the inmates are like the refinement of és

The girls are giving you four beautiful girls in your long, good girl. Did you hear the laws that our brides and grooms call us? On the contrary, look like a beautiful girl, with a beautiful girl, throwing a look at her. Generally, I have a lot of husbands. Sometimes it’s a sweat. It was a holiday there. I’ll take it, and I’ll take it, so I’m going to pull it out of the evil brown-brown spirit. In many people, my dad is not spending money, but I’m not full of money. Providing unlimited need for limited resources is a talk for fathers with many children. Children will be left with food because of their eating habits. Oh, dad just got a job. The cheeky candy is wrapped around the mouth. Let’s eat the remainder of the children who do not have the food. Once you’ve forgot to drop it on a carpet, drop it off your fingers and let’s say you’ll be there later on after tomorrow. Everyone laughs at me. In the evening, with a nice ice cream, Dad would not be counted. There is no father’s name in anything delicious. Get away from your dad and get rid of it. Have a good night at home. Daddy is like a camel. Some of them get a hair, lower legs crawl, and bite their feet, and some of them move their legs. There is no right to one. One is to have a chess and the other is to play a card. It’s going to be over again. The one to play for one is to play and to play. You have no control over the phone. The head of the cell will not find a cell phone. The car will smell and fall, and dad will see it. Mother would have to leave her a little bit, and she would have to have a case with her. They said, “I’m a kid, my father is capable of carrying the case,” he said. When the children come to you, they say, “This is your children.” Daddy understood and did not understand. Mother’s income is the only income. Dad’s income is the only source of income. Even the government will pay the children money into their mother’s account. Say to your father, “You can not give a single bottle to your dad, but your friends will not give you a single bottle.” Woe to the old man who has many children. Mother wears her clothes for 45 minutes and children’s 30 minutes. It’s enough to wash your dad’s clothes for 15 minutes. There was not enough clothes for my father. 5% of total household clothing. How many years old do you wear a new jacket? In the years of the photos, you have the same jersey. At home, the biggest boss came to work at home. The children will be calling tonight. It is known as a maternity destination. The big thing is to say “There’s been a little more time.” You can even dial down in the order. Why do not you come and come quickly. Dad just bumps. That’s my mother’s message. Hurry up late in the night, and get up quickly at home. All children are asleep. The horrible quiet home. Feared that your father was afraid that what he was about to get married and drunk in the bar. I did not go out but I did not go to bed. I was asleep. The children are asleep as if they are sleeping. They say “yes,” they just have to sleep. They lay down their thin mattresses and their cloths. In the middle of the night there will be a lot of migrations. My wife will be the only survivor. I want to go along. Otherwise my name will not be. It is likely that our wife will be called the Sole Slow. I do not name my uncle’s name. If your wife has no baby, she will have four children, but she will not be alone. She is still in front of her wife, but if she stands with 4 children, she will see it. I think I have the right to stand here. This achievement has made it possible for you to create 4 children. Do not miss the day. Thank people for their thanks. The Lkhagvaa said, “You have six children and you have a wife, you have the second and you have to go to the 2nd place.” When I say to my wife I’m showing her middle finger. There’s a large Facebook group with mysterious mothers. There are so many poor people who are talking about how to make us. The group is called “Name Unknown”. Fight for your rights. Well, that’s all. Life is wonderful. Let’s have a positive attitude. There is one thing that is a Mongolian fate. Soon, it’s all right. Dad’s role in many children increases with the number of children. When I was silent, my dad smiled quietly, thinking of his children. It’s a motherThe greatest feeling of man’s life is becoming a paternal father. Hundreds of times a day, your father is called, no more happiness than your children. When you walk through the door and kiss your children and your wives, you always have a white moon. Astronauts are dedicated to their mothers and fathers who have goals. The warmest comments of all of you are charging me. I miss my game. May be Mongolian children. “The world is wealthier than all the money and power in the world, while the families and the children are” 

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