Counting Down

The other day I realized we might be in Mongolia in less than 200 days.  That’s not many days.  Here are a few things that we anticipate happening first as we countdown:

114 days until Jen’s last day on staff at All Shores (April 30)

152 days until our 15th wedding anniversary (June 7)

153  days until LeYanna’s last day of school (June 8)

167  days until we’ve completed MTI* (June 22)

189 days until LeYanna turns 8 (July 14)

200ish days until we move to Monoglia! (TBD)**

*MTI is Missionary Training Institute.  There are three things we need to do before we leave for Mongolia: attend MTI, raise full financial support, and have at least 400 prayer partners on our team

**want to help us get there? Join our financial support team, connect us with the decision-makers at your church, and pray.  Pray a whole lot 🙂

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