Let’s Build a Church

Do you see how beautiful this lake is?

Lake H
photo credit: Flickr MrHicks46
Lake H2
photo credit: Flickr MrHicks46

Or check out this video:

93% of the total surface fresh water in Mongolia is in Khuvsgul Lake. It’s in the mid-northern part of Mongolia, about 12 hours from the capital city where we’ll live. Khusvsgul Lake has 2% of the surface area of Lake Michigan and just less than 10% of the total volume.  It’s pretty deep.

to hatgal
It takes about 12 hours to get from Ulaanbaatar to Hatgal

One of our pastors, Otganbyar, is planting a church in Hatgal on Lake Khuvsgul.  On faith, she and her husband moved and began church planting, living off of her meager pastor’s salary.  He has only recently found paying work to help cover their family’s expenses.

The process of church planting has been difficult.  The region is unchurched and shamanism is the primary religion.  The isolation, spiritual darkness, financial difficulties, and her daughter’s recent bout with TB shook Otgonbyar’s faith.  But these challenges have also given God the opportunity to display his faithfulness and power.  Otgonbyar is currently discipling some local fisherman and leading a significant outreach to children.

The Christmas Eve offering at All Shores will help support building a church for this new flock.*  The plan is to build a multi-use log cabin with a main meeting room for the church and couple guest rooms that can be rented out to tourists during the summer.  It’s a creative building strategy that will help the church move toward financial independence.

When Cory and I are on the field next year we’ll be able to travel to Khusvgul Lake and give you a video tour of the new building and its surrounding area as well as collecting and sharing stories of how God is moving through the budding church in this largely unreached region.

As you consider giving to the Christmas Eve offering at All Shores, please pray with us that:

  • God would encourage and guide Pastor Otgonbyar
  • God would strengthen the faith of the new believers
  • God would sustain believers in the face of spiritual warfare
  • the offering would provide what is needed for the building project


*Every year All Shores collects a special offering on Christmas Eve.  The money is split in thirds between local, regional, and global needs.  The offering this year will be used locally for benevolence, regionally for supporting a building redemption project through Community enCompass, and globally for supporting church building projects in Haiti and Mongolia.

If you want to support us, as we train and equip pastors, click here: http://www.globalpartnersonline.org/missionaries/WM04-0422/



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