FAQs: How Long is Your Trip?

We’ve decided to intermittently write a series in response to our most frequently asked questions.  This is the first installment.

“How long is your trip?”

The simple answer is 8-10 years, we think.  Our first term is 4 years but we think we’ll need at least 8-10 years, or 2-3 terms, to accomplish our main objectives as we currently understand them:

  • learning the language
  • building relationships
  • coaching the national church to develop a ministerial development process and then handing that process over to them to run
  • determining what biblical/theological/ministerial education is available in-country and figuring out the best process to compliment that education (while teaching week-long intensives on a quarterly basis)

While we’re there we’ll be doing other things like developing leaders, encouraging and monitoring economic development projects, fostering partnerships between North American and Mongolian churches, sharing our faith with Mongolians and other ex-pats, and, hopefully, eventually, mentoring new missionaries on the field.  But our main purpose for going is to provide theological education and to help the church develop a ministerial development process that can be handed over when we leave.

So we’re going long-term.  We’re selling nearly everything and moving half-way across the world (because most of our stuff isn’t worth storing for 8-10 years).  It’s likely that LeYanna will finish elementary, middle school, and possibly even graduate high school in Mongolia.  She could meet her future husband in Mongolia; mild panic sets in when I think about this but I know that some of you reading this married their high school sweethearts so this is a real possibility.

So, it’s not really a trip…we’re moving.  To the other side of the world.  For a long time.  But not forever. 

Disclaimer: It should be obvious by now that we do not know for sure what will happen in the future and God could change the plan at any time.  This is as true for your life as it is for ours.  We do not know what the future holds but we know the one who holds the future. 

Also, we’ll return to the US Every 3-4 years for 3-6 months.


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