5 Reasons to Give or Pledge to Ellisons in Mongolia Today

5. Because your gift will change a nation: The country of Mongolia will be transformed as its people become disciples who make disciples.  Your gift will provide theological education, pastoral training, and support economic development to support the local church as they reach their country for Christ.

4. Logging your faith promise (pledge) now, even if you don’t plan to begin giving until later, helps us to have a clearer picture of the team God is piecing together so we can strategize more effectively to find the rest of the team. Also, it helps us breathe a little easier knowing people are committed to our financial team.  If you want to help us breathe a little easier this holiday season, log your faith promise now (like, right now, by clicking here).

3. Because God’s not calling you to move to Mongolia but he wants you to be part of the team that gets us there. We know that not everyone who sees this post is someone who is supposed to join our financial team but we also know that a lot of people see this post are supposed to join our financial team.  If you’re one of those people, consider this a friendly reminder to jump on board!

2. Because it feels good to check something off your to do list that you are planning on doing anyway!

1. Because everyone who pledges or gives today* will get a 8×10 print in the mail (see below for your options and then comment with your preference!)

*or in the next couple days…we know you all don’t check your email every day.  We’ll be sending these prints out in December. Also, if you’re already a donor, you can have one too!

TO PLEDGE (faith promise) CLICK HERE

After you log your faith promise, you’ll have the option of setting up an electronic reoccurring payment if you’d like.  

TO GIVE (one time or reoccuring) CLICK HERE

And, if for some reason those links don’t work, CLICK HERE.


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