Ever-Expanding Tribe

Today we walked into Cory’s parents’ church in Ft. Valley, GA.  Jim & Mary Jean (or Mr. Jim and Ms. Mary Jean because we’re in the South) have been a part of this community since they moved from California to Georgia during Cory’s second year of Bible College. They are well-established and well-loved.

People we didn’t know came up to us and asked us how LeYanna’s leg was doing–they’d been praying.  As we handed out prayer cards several said, “Oh, no, I already have one.  I pray for you guys often.”  Because of Cory’s parents, there is a group of people in middle Georgia who have been praying for us before we even knew we were called to Mongolia.  They’re part of our tribe that we didn’t know existed until today.

Last Wednesday we were at 2nd Reformed in Grand Haven, MI.  After an all-church dinner we had the opportunity to share about our call and mission with the youth and adults.  We gave an interactive presentation and had a lot of fun getting to know the people of 2nd Reformed.   Long after the Bible Study was over Cory and I continued talking with a couple of people who seemed almost as excited about the work we’re doing as we are.  It felt like they were part of our team, our tribe, even though we’d just met them.

Every week we go to another church our mailing list and supporter base grows…but so does our sense of connectedness.  God is building a tribe for us, a tribe of people all over the United States who are bought into this vision for Mongolia.  He gave the vision to us but it’s bigger than us and it’s our joy and responsibility to share it with us and invite them to join the journey.

Fundraising is brutal (and I’ll write about that in a future post) but these days of conversations, and relationships, and connections are beautiful.   I am so grateful for this brutiful journey God has invited us on and for the tribe he’s bringing along side of us to travel with us.

If you’re reading this but aren’t officially part of our tribe and would like to be, here’s how you can join us:

To join our tribe as a prayer warrior, click here.

To join our tribe as a financial partner, click here.

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