A Whisper.

There have been a number of people who commented that they’d followed our trips but didn’t know we were considering long-term missionary service.  That’s probably because we didn’t really know that either.

Our first trip to Mongolia was just over a year ago.  God had been stirring in Cory’s heart before that but the thought didn’t enter my mind until after we went in September 2016.  Even then it took me a looooong time with a lot of conversation for this possibility to become a reality.

We weren’t looking for this, we weren’t planning for this.  I really like my job, Cory was doing really well at his, we live in a great town with great people and have great friends. We weren’t looking for something new.  But God whispered and we listened (and then we wrestled…a lot).


This whisper was a dramatic whisper (at least the content was), but most whispers are not.  God whispers in a thousand different ways in our daily life, sometimes we hear him.

Listening to the little whispers teaches you how to listen to the big whispers. Being faithful in the small things prepares you to be faithful in the big things.

God might whisper to you to call a friend, send and email, or compliment someone. He might whisper that you should volunteer for a ministry or resign from a ministry. He might whisper that it’s time to start a new habit or break an old one.  He might whisper that it’s time to put down your phone or delete an app.  He might whisper that it’s time to be still or finally time to move.

His whispers don’t often sound as clear or confident as we want them to; they’re most often a simple thought or idea that we’re strangely certain we need to pursue.  Most of the time, I don’t realize it was God’s whisper until afterward, when I’m reflecting on the outcome of obeying the whisper.

So when you’re surprised that we’re moving, know that we’re still a bit surprised too.  And know that it’s simply because we’re following the leading of a whisper…just like we’ve done a thousand times before…it’s just that this whisper is leading us to the other side of the world.

How have you heard God whisper?  What does his voice sound like to you? What is the next step he’s asking you to take?

God is speaking, in a thousand different ways in our every day lives.  We just need to listen.


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