Why are you moving? Part I

When people ask this they are really asking one of two questions:

  1. What are you going to do in Mongolia?
  2. Why are you moving to Mongolia to do that?

In this post, I’ll attempt to answer the first question.  Next week I’ll answer the second.

We are moving to Mongolia to get the people, processes, and resources in place to help the local church develop a leadership development pipeline, an ordination process, and a strategic church structure. Are you bored yet?  We are not, this mission is exciting to us (which is probably why God is calling us right now and letting you stay home).

Our day to day life will involve:

  • learning the language and culture. Because, obviously, we want help develop a uniquely Mongolian process and not import North American church culture in a foreign context where it wouldn’t fit. Also because we need to be able to get from our house to the grocery store and back and not be totally socially isolated. (So, language school, looking like idiots using our developing language schools to talk to strangers at the grocery store, building friendships, taking classes, attending events, etc.)
  • discovering what resources are available in Mongolia and what are needed from other places in the world to do this work (and then building relationships and partnerships and skyping and planning trips to make it all happen).
  • exploring the core competencies set forth by the Wesleyan Church for the ordination of its ministers, determining how each of these can be best met with the resources we have, then helping people understand and walk through this process (so developing checklists, spreadsheets, evaluating transcripts, finding teachers, finding translators, creating curriculum, talking with other people who are involved in this process in other parts of the world, teaching classes, etc.)
  • coaching the pastors and leaders we currently have (coffee, phone calls, face booking, prayer, travelling, etc.)
  • connecting the current needs of the church (like the need for worship leader trainers, musicians, theological educators, ESL teachers for outreach, finances for a critical medical procedure, financing for a small business loan, etc.) with people in-country and globally who can partner to meet those needs (so, again, emailing, phone calling, facebooking, skyping, coordinating trips, etc.)
  • making friends who know Jesus and friends who don’t.  We’ll want to connect with the missionary community, the English-speaking community, and our neighbors.  We’ll need friendship and we bring Jesus into each of those relationships.

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