Meet Otganbyar

Last year God began giving Otgonbayr vision to plant a church in Hatgal on the shore of Khovsgol Lake along the northern border of Mongolia over 10 hours from the nearest Wesleyan Church.  On faith, she and her husband moved and began church planting, living off of her meager pastor’s salary.  He has only recently found paying work to help cover their family’s expenses.

The process of church planting has been difficult.  The region is unchurched and shamanism is the primary religion.  The isolation, spiritual darkness, financial difficulties, and her daughter’s recent bout with TB shook Otgonbayr’s faith.  But these challenges have also given God the opportunity to display his faithfulness and power.  She is currently discipling some local fisherman and leading a significant outreach to children.  The Quarterly Bible School gives her an opportunity to receive training and be encouraged by her fellow pastors. Please pray for God to bless her ministry and for more people to come to Christ!

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