When are you moving?

The question we get asked most often right now (other than, “How is LeYanna doing?” She’s healing well and is in good spirits) is “When are you moving?”  People seem surprised (relieved?) to find out that the earliest we can move to Mongolia is:


We have a mandatory missionary training in June 2018. It’s offered once a year and we can’t leave until we’ve completed that training.  After training, we are free to move, assuming we’ve got all our funding in place.

We will be working really hard to make sure our funding ins in place because we are really hoping to move in July so that we get to experience Mongolian summer before we experience Mongolian winter (because Mongolian winter is cold and if we try to move in the middle of winter we might want to give up before we start and head back to the “balmy” Midwest which will seem like Florida in comparison). We also want LeYanna to have a month or two under her belt in Mongolia before school starts.

So, local friends, you’re stuck blessed with us for nearly another year.  LeYanna will start and end the school year in Grand Haven, we’ll pack up, head to training, then fly across the world to our new home.  (I feel my chest tighten, even as I glibly type that.  Guys, this anticipation of leaving everything behind thing is NOT easy.  But it is right, and good, and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than where God wants us).

So, please join us in praying that we are fully funded before July 2018 (really, before June would be even better!) so we can do this thing.  And if you want to partner with us to help us get on the field, go to this page and click “faith promise.”


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