Meet Narantsetseg (Bulgaa)

Her real name is Bulgaa but her nickname is Naransetseg. She got sick a lot when she was younger and it was determined that it was because of her name, Bulgaa, which means sable (a type of strong mountain mammal), was too lofty and it offended the gods.  She was given the nickname Naransetseg, which means sunflower, to appease them.

She is in her mid-twenties, young but mature, and strong in her faith.  She graduated university with a degree in Mongolian and plans to teach middle school and high school students but was asked to take a break from her teaching career to pastor the Wesleyan Church back in her hometown of Bor-Undur which was in desperate need of a pastor.

Bulgaa is currently our youngest pastor in Mongolia.  She brings energy, passion, and deep conviction to her ministry.  Because she has no formal ministry training, the Quarterly Bible School (where Cory is teaching in September) has been extremely important for helping her to grow in her Bible knowledge, theological depth, and for her to meet with other pastors and to be encouraged.  When we move to Mongolia we will continue to run the Quarterly Bible School as well as mentor and encourage pastors like Bulgaa. 

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