$5 a month

“Basically, I’m buying you a cup of coffee every month,” she joked as we talked about her recent faith promise commitment to our work in Mongolia.  In reality, she probably is buying us a cup of coffee (with a pastor, leader, or another missionary) every month. I know that she carefully lives paycheck to paycheck and that she’s selling plasma to save for bigger purchases.  So I know that her $5 per month is costing her more than most people’s $25 or $100 per month gift.   And, because I understand the cost of that particular cup of coffee, I’ll enjoy it even more.

It takes a lot of money to get onto the mission field; our financial partners help provide us housing, health insurance, transportation, office supplies, and all the other things so we are able to do the work God has called us to in Mongolia.  It’s all the gifts of $5-$5,000/month combined that get us there and keep us there.

As a local outreach pastor at All Shores, I remember how I felt the first time I saw a check from an inmate at the Muskegon Correctional Facility, a local prison where we minister.  One of the men we minister to (and with) felt enough like he was a part of All Shores, just because of his interaction with our teams who go inside the walls, that he began tithing to the church.  He has a prison income, so the $20 he gives us every few months is a huge sacrifice for him and I am sure that he does not know how much his gift to the Lord blesses God’s heart and how much it blesses mine.

Jesus pointed out that the widow who gave a few mites gave more than the rich who gave only a small portion of their wealth.  Big gifts are a blessing because they ease the burden a bit more quickly than small gifts but smaller gifts bring so much joy because we see the sacrifice–and we do not take it lightly.

The average GP missionary has around 100 financial supporters.  I suspect we’ll have more.  Not because we need more money, or because more people are on board with what we’ll do in Mongolia, but because of pure necessity when our donors give in $5 increments.

I believe that in addition to larger gifts, God is going to give us the absolute joy of partnering with many people who can only give $5-10 per month.

Today is a good day to join our financial team.  Click here to learn more or sign up now.

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