California Recap (and the power of advocacy)

People told us to enjoy our vacation as we headed to San Diego.  We weren’t actually on vacation, we were working, it just happened to be in one of the most beautiful places in the country, so we totally understand the confusion.

Our work this week was talking with people and casting vision as we invited people to partner with the work in Mongolia.  Some of that may have happened on a golf course in San Diego, but it’s still not a vacation 😉  It was, however, a nice change of pace.


We flew in on Monday night, crashed and went to work on Tuesday. I was able to spend time with women at the Woman Pastors gathering learning about Sacred Alliance, a center that is being developed by Andrea Summers and her team at Wesley Seminary.  Sacred Alliance will advocate for, train, and empower women in ministry leadership roles.  It was refreshing to be around so many female pastors.

At the ordination service Tuesday night I was, reminded, as we gathered and worshiped that no matter where we are in the world we are one expression of the global church.  We each have our role to play in whatever corner of the world God puts us.

Wednesday was the day of talking to strangers (for me) and talking to people we knew growing up (for Cory).  We were able to hear stories of incredible faith from people passionate about missions and we were able to share the vision God has given us for our time in Mongolia. We don’t know what the fruit of these connections will be but our faith is bigger and our world is a little bigger than it was a week ago!

Here are a few more photos from our time in San Diego:



On Thursday we flew to Sacramento.  There we hosted an open house, spent time with Jeff & Laurie Jennings (and got to hear about the awesome things they’re doing with the refugee population in Sacramento), spoke at The River Church, and got to spend quality time with family (see some of Cory’s pictures of our trip here or follow him on instagram).

One of the things I learned on this trip was the power of advocates.  We have been able to share our vision with so many more people because:

  1. An advocate who was passionate about our ministry introduced us to someone else by saying, “Did you know that Cory and Jen are moving to Mongolia with Global Partners?” and let us carry the conversation from there
  2. An advocate took our information to share with their Sunday School class, small group, or co-workers when we weren’t able to
  3. An advocate hosted an event and invited others to hear about our ministry in Mongolia

Advocates, people like you, help us share the vision broader.  If you’d like to be an advocate for us let us know how we can empower you.  Do you need prayer cards and commitment cards?  Do you want to pick a date to host a gathering at your home? Do you want to invite us to share with your small group?  Advocating is simple and it is personal.  Advocating is an easy way that you can partner with God’s work in Mongolia.

Want to get in touch with us?  Find us on Facebook or email us at, we’d love to chat!


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