Living in the Moment

LeYanna is six and hates loud noises.  She’s usually in bed before 9 during the summer.  But we’ll be kept her out late on the 4th of July this year, not because she really wants to see the loud fireworks, but because it’s likely going to be our last 4th of July on American soil for several years and we believe she needs to see the fireworks.  We walked the mile downtown to watch them from near the courthouse with a friend of hers who lives just around the block. We all had a great time and we’re glad we went!

Our new reality, the one where we’re moving across the world in a year, brings up so many feels. Everything is now filtered through the lens of “in one year we’re moving to Mongolia.” This might be the last fourth of July, LeYanna’s last birthday party, our last Halloween, last Thanksgiving, last Christmas…so many lasts.  Things we want to take time to enjoy but things we don’t quite have the time to fully enjoy because we’re both working full-time jobs, I have an additional part-time job, and we’ve got to focus on fundraising for this next season.  It’s hard the tension that everyone feels (balancing living in the moment vs. preparing for the future)…with a timeline that is somewhat uniquely bringing it to the forefront of our thinking.

So we’re trying harder (that doesn’t sound right) to live in the moment, to enjoy right now, to seize the moment, to take advantage of every opportunity…because while we’re excited about what’s ahead we’re not quite ready to leave this life behind.


One thought on “Living in the Moment

  1. Thanks for sharing these “behind the scenes” details of your lives right now. It’s great to know how to support you in prayer. We’re also making special plans for your last “Friendsgiving”.


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