Financial Giving FAQs


  1.  How do I give? It’s simple.  Read through the FAQs below then click here
  2. What happens to the money I give now if you aren’t leaving until June 2018? Our missionary service (and expenses) started in June 2017 when we were appointed by GP.  Our current ministry includes travelling, raising awareness of what God’s doing in Monoglia, and inviting others to partner with us in this mission.  As we travel we minister and pastor the people we come in contact with.   Any funds we don’t use during this part of our ministry go toward our Cash Balance (see #10 below). When we are 50% funded, Cory will be able to quit his job to make it easier for us to focus on our current role as GP missionaries (It’s hard doing two jobs at the same time!).  The current plan is that Jen will continue to work at All Shores through May 2018.  
  3.   What is a “faith promise?” It’s a commitment that you make with the confidence that God will provide.  In order to be cleared to leave for Mongolia in June 2018 we need our full budget in faith promise commitments.  So, while one-time gifts are helpful, especially for establishing our Cash Balance (see #10 below), faith commitments are critical to getting on the field. 
  4. When I make a faith promise, how frequently do I give? It’s up to you.  Most people commit to give monthly or annually.  You can send in paper checks or sign up for automatic withdraws when you a registering your faith promise online. 
  5.  Is my giving tax deductible?  yes. 
  6. How much do you need to raise? A lot.  Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming.  We completely understand why you ask and we’re happy to answer. We don’t publish our budget but would be happy to discuss specifics in person.  
  7. How is the money you raise spent? The money we raise covers our salary (which I promise you is not large), housing, health insurance, travel to and within the field, LeYanna’s education, all of our ministry expenses including things like paper and ink, and conferences.  A small portion of what we raise supports the missions agency that supports us. We don’t publish our budget but would be happy to discuss specifics in person.  
  8. How long is my commitment for? Your commitment is for as long as you want it to be for.  You can commit to a year or simply sign up to give indefinitely.  You can stop whenever you want. 
  9. Are there other ways I can support you financially? Eventually we’ll have a link here to our Amazon wish list.  We’re saving up to buy new computers and Bible Software before we move onto the field along with a few other items that we’d rather buy on this side of the world.  We’d welcome help with any of these things but these gifts are not tax deductible. 
  10. What is your “Cash Balance?” Our Cash Balance is basically the money we raise but don’t spend. This money provides a buffer for us when our financial partners drop off or change. Our Cash Balance is roughly 20% of our total annual budget.
  11. How do I join your financial support team?  Click here.  Decide if you want to give regularly (faith promise) or a one-time gift (give).  It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up.

Do you have other questions?  Ask in the comment section below.  We’re happy to answer!

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