Meet Ganbold

Ganbold pastors the Wesleyan Church in Nalaikh.  Because he also works full-time at TEE (Theological Education by Extension) in Ulaanbaatar, the capitol city nearly an hour away, he relies heavily on his lay leadership team.  Ganbold is discipling his lay leadership team while working to create discipleship materials on a larger scale.  He is married and has several children. 

After attending the recent Bible School where we taught Wesleyan History, Theology, and Practice one of the lay leaders at his church, told us how excited she was to return back to her town to talk with the other pastors.  Before Bible School they would ask her what it meant to be “Wesleyan” and she didn’t have an answer but now, after Bible School, she knows the distinctive of Wesleyan Theology and is proud to be part of the Wesleyan Tradition!

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