Family Photos for the Prayer Cards

Missionaries have “prayer cards.”  They’re the postcards with our faces on them that you stick on your fridge so you remember to pray for us.  Missionaries need a photo of themselves for these prayer cards.  I have long believed I’m not photogenic (this is not a give-me-pity statement; it is a basic this-is-reality statement.  don’t worry, it doesn’t affect my self-worth).  It turns out my long-held belief is true.  It’s worse when you try to get all three of us looking good in one picture.  We had four different photo shoots with two different photographers and these are some of the *worst* (most fun?) images we captured.  I present them to you for your viewing pleasure:

We’ll post the final prayer card when we have a copy in our hands.  It has none of these photos on it.

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