He’s in the Waiting

We are [almost] officially appointed as Missionaries to Mongolia.  Technically, we’re waiting for medical clearance.   We had physicals the week before we left for orientation, the doctor mailed them to our house, we emailed them to GP on Sunday, and they were forwarded to GP’s doctor on Tuesday.  We’re told it normally takes 7-10 days but could happen in as few as 2.  Right now, each day feels like a million years.

Receiving medical clearance means we can legally begin raising financial support.  Receiving medical clearance means we’ll be on the GP website so people have an official route to commit to partnering with us. We’re waiting for medical clearance, and being on the GP website, to make our “Facebook Official” announcement.  When people ask we want to be able to give them a clear next step.  So we’re waiting until the next step is out there.

Because Cory’s home district is Pacific Southwest and he’s friends with a number of pastors out there we’d like to make it to their district conference in July.  We’re waiting to find out if any churches in Sacramento would let him share for a couple minutes…or the whole sermon…on either of the Sundays surrounding District Conference.  That determines how much time we spend in California and if we fly into Sacramento or San Diego (which are 10 hours apart).  We can’t figure out housing and transportation until we know where we’re going to be and how long we’re going to be there. And until we know how long we’re going to be gone it’s hard to talk with bosses about time off.  We fear the longer we wait the more expensive tickets get, but we’re waiting.

Waiting is hard.  We want to get moving, take the next step, do the next thing, see some fruit.  It appears to us that God is not particularly worried about losing a couple of potentially productive days in the waiting…because he’s doing something in the waiting both in us and on our behalf, which is productive in a different way; it’s just not as immediately gratifying or anxiety relieving.  So I’m trying to remind myself that he’s in the waiting and to trust his timing, while also praying that we don’t have to wait much longer!  But, for now, we’re [trying to] embrace the waiting.

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