Training Leaders to Multiply Churches

Ankha is a pastor in Ikh Tamir, Mongolia, but this is not where she expected to end up. After high school she left her village to go to the city, 10 hours away, to attend a university for engineering. Influenced by her pastor, she transferred schools and began Bible college where she prepared to be a church planter. Her parents were upset with this decision and fought her. Nevertheless, Ankha persisted. After completing her four-year degree, she anticipated following her dream to plant churches in unreached villages. Instead, God led her back to her hometown to pastor the church she grew up in—the church where she met Jesus.

The church Ankha leads is the only church in the village. From the steps of the church, she can look out over the hillside dotted with small cinderblock homes and the more traditional gers (yurts). She can see a harvest that is ripe and is painfully aware that the workers are few. The neighboring village is without a church—her heart breaks with the need and opportunity. Ankha prays for new leaders and eagerly looks for new ways to train them.

There is a Bible college in the capital city of Ulaanbataar. Because of its distance from many of the villages, it is impractical for most leaders to leave their villages, move to the city, and support their families while attending school…(read more from the article originally published here)

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