Anxiety in Anticipation

I expect that anxiety will be a frequent companion on this journey.  It’s 2:00 a.m. on the night before we leave for orientation and I can’t sleep.  Tomorrow, well, today, I guess, we wake up, go to church (because I’m an associate pastor and that’s my job), then drop LeYanna off at my mom’s before heading to Marion, IN for Missionary Orientation.

Both the knowns and the unknowns are overwhelming right now.  In addition to being a full-time pastor, and an online adjunct instructor, I’ve now got this additional “part-time” job of preparing to move my family to Mongolia in a year. In the last week I think we’ve gotten emails introducing us to 5 different computer applications we’ll be using, we’ve connected with two District Superintendents, and we’ve fielded a lot of questions we simply don’t have the answers for.

I know that the God who brought us to this will bring us through it but that’s not enough to keep my brain from spinning right now.  So I will hold trust and anxiety in tension realizing that this will probably be part of my new reality until we have a better handle on what raising partner-support looks like for us in real life.

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