Telling LeYanna

Cory and I have been to Mongolia twice in the last year so the country and its people have been a topic of conversation in our home frequently.  LeYanna has asked a lot of questions and had fun learning about Mongolia with us (just from home!).  As we began to sense God might be leading us to full-time in-country service we began to think and pray about telling LeYanna.

We decided not to tell her until it was public knowledge because, well, she’s six and six year olds aren’t so good at not saying exciting things.  So we sat down with her last week and explained that when she turned 8 (in the summer of 2018) we were going to move to Mongolia.  We showed her the Google street view of the apartment we intend to live in and the playground across the street (thank you Google street view!).  She got SO EXCITED about the playground.  She loves playgrounds.  She’s six.  We also showed her the school we think she’ll probably attend which is painted blue, her favorite color.  She’s super-excited.  She, of course, has no idea what she’s in for, but she does know that there’s a playground and a blue school so she’s ready to go now.

Please pray that God would prepare her little heart for this move and that she’d still be the optimistic extrovert when we move that she is now.  Pray that we parent her well in this transition.

2 thoughts on “Telling LeYanna

  1. Love this and love you guys! She’s going to learn so many irreplaceable things about God’s Kingdom! We’ll have to have the kids be her pen pals and send her care packages!

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    1. Thank you! Pen pals, definitely. Obviously our kids need to keep in contact 😉 But unless we find a cheaper way to send care packages you should not do that.


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