When I cried, silently, in a library in a foreign country

During our first trip to Mongolia we visited the (one) Bible College and Seminary in Mongolia.  What you see in the above picture is the section of Biblical and Theological books they have in Mongolian.  That’s it.  Most North American pastors have personal libraries at least 3 times this size. When I saw what they had, I cried.

I was struck by how privileged I am; I own more Christian books than our Mongolian pastors will have the privilege to read in a lifetime.  With only 40,000 Christians in the country, with only a fraction of those being ministry leaders, you can imagine how few resources exist online and in print for the Mongolian church leaders.

There are a couple publishers in the country who buy the rights to Christian books and then translate them into Mongolian but the pace is slow because the market is small.

Oh, but John C. Maxwell has several books in Mongolian (this is fun because Ben Ward, the Asia Area Director for GP and I were interns at Maxwell’s companies back in 2002/3).


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